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Our Best Buys as of 1st December 2023

Internet Only (Instant Access)

Paragon Bank

Shawbrook Bank

AER: 5.16% Minimum £1,000 AER: 5.00% Minimum £1,000

Instant Access

Skipton Building Society

Kent Reliance

AER: 5.06% Minimum £1

AER: 5.06% Minimum £1,000

Monthly Interest

RCI Bank Paragon Bank

AER: 5.20% Minimum: £1,000

AER: 5.40% Minimum: £1,000

Cash ISAs

Skipton Building Society Shawbrook Bank

AER: 4.70% Minimum: £1

AER: 4.70% Minimum: £1,000

Fixed Rate Bonds

 Paragon Bank (5 year fixed rate)

RCI Bank (1 year fixed rate)

AER: 4.65% Minimum: £1,000 AER: 5.20% Minimum: £1,000

In all cases Terms & Conditions may apply. The information provided on this page is intended for general guidance and does not constitute an incitement, invitation, personal recommendation or legal, taxation, financial or investment advice. If you would like formal advice from us for a suitable deposit account or cash ISA please use the enquiry form, email or call us on 01953 851151.
These rates may have changed since the above date, so please check with the institution before making your decision.
* AER stands for ‘Annual Equivalent Rate’ and shows the rate of interest you will receive over a year assuming the cash is left in the account for the full year.